Conventional Fixed Crowns and Bridgework

PFM-Porcelain fused to alloy crown and bridgework
Alloy Choices:

  • High Noble 52% Gold 37% Palladium
  • Noble 5.5% Gold 75% Palladium

Current generation titanium substructures are custom-milled, not torch-casted, from pure Grade 2 Titanium. With outstanding physical and mechanical properties and absolute biocompatibility, titanium’s advantages are:

  • Very low temperature conductivity
  • X-ray negative
  • Bio-Inert against acids and physiological solutions
  • Optimum bond between titanium and veneering ceramic
  • Low-weight density
  • Insurance recognized high noble alloy
  • Fixed rate - not subject to fluctuating gold market

Cast Crown - All Metal Crown and Bridgework, Inlays, Onlays
Alloy Choices:

  • Yellow Gold - High Noble 57% Gold
  • Noble 38% Gold
  • White Gold - High Noble 52% Gold
  • Noble 6% Gold 75% Palladium

Esthetic All-Ceramic - Veneers, Crown and Bridgework, Inlays, Onlays
(Not recommended for posterior of 2nd bicuspid, or spans over one pontic section)

EMAX™ Pressable Ceramic (Lithium Disilicate) 360 Mpa core

Authentic™ Pressable Ceramic - ideal for inlays and onlays

EMAX™ Milled Lithium Disilicate

Zirconia - Crowns, Bridgework, Inlays, Onlays
Zirconia Substructures are designed in laboratory to insure quality control, milled from a solid block of highly pure Yttra stabilized zirconium oxide before sintering to eliminate micro fractures. With a flexural strength over 1100 Mpa and proven biocompatibility, zirconia has become the material of choice in esthetic and allergy-conscious situations.

Available with conventional layering ceramic and for clearance and strength concerns, EMAX™ Lithium Disilicate pressed to Zirconia offers superior esthetic results.

Additional Services

  • Porcelain Margins - eliminates dark line at gingival margin and improves overall vitality
  • Designs for future partial abutments and adaptation to existing partial frameworks
  • Soft Tissue Simulation - eliminates guesswork of closing black triangles and facilitates proper emergence profile
  • Cast Post-n-Cores


If Molina/Watson Dental Technologies, Inc. has supplied restorations that need to be redone based on Molian/Watson’s workmanship the remake will be completed at a pro rated charge.

This is done on a case by case basis and at the discretion of Molina/Watson. First year is at no charge. Second and third year is at 50% of original cost. After the third year, re-make will be at full price.

However, if Molina/Watson Dental Technologies, Inc. has supplied restorations that need to be redone based on the information received from the doctor or if Molina/Watson has contacted the doctor informing them that the restoration may need to be redone if created from the impression given, the remake will be done at full charge.