About Us

Molina/Watson Dental Technologies, Inc. was established in 2007 to provide high quality dental restorations and services. We are committed to maintaining consistent, high quality product excellence and superior customer service in the ever-evolving dental care industry. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve, embracing technology and utilizing the latest in restorative materials and equipment. Our goal is to be a trusted and valued partner of your dental practice.

Molina/Watson is at the forefront in digital technologies, accepting intra-oral scans from most available IOS systems. With 3D printing technology we are able to accept and transfer IOS scans immediately and efficiently, coupled with our 5 axis milling abilities, we can provide quality restorations, utilizing the latest materials quickly, accurately, and economically without outsourcing.

Molina/Watson is also a recognized leader in the fastest growing segment of dentistry today, Implant Restoration. We average over one thousand implant restorations a year from single tooth restorations to a variety of full arch, implant restorative options.

Molina/Watson is a Nationally Certified Dental Laboratory. We have multiple Certified Dental Technicians overseeing all phases of design and production. We have worked diligently to obtain certification by the National Board of Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC).

The NBC is dedicated to administering and promoting globally recognized certification programs to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of dental technicians, and to review facility and staff training criteria for dental laboratories. Laboratory certification means strict adherence to all OSHA regulations, rigorous continuing education, maintenance and quality controls and stringent disinfection procedures.

Currently there are approximately 1200 commercial dental laboratories operating in the United States, only 2.5% of these are active Certified Dental Laboratories, and only 14% of technicians working in the U.S. are Nationally Certified in their respective specialty.

Recognizing that every dental professional is different, as is every patient: our experience and knowledge put us in a unique position to evaluate, advise and fabricate, quality restorations, on a case by case basis. The result is creative and practical solutions to your casework needs on a consistent basis