Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Wax-Ups
We utilize tooth-colored wax to facilitate patient acceptance and provide an articulated stone duplicate of the diagnostic wax-up with a clear pull-down.

Custom Impression Trays
Available upon request.

Case Planning
From preparation design and material options to implant abutment choices and overall case planning; Molina/Watson’s extensive knowledge and experience is available to help eliminate costly remakes and to simplify case development, ensuring predictable results.

Temporary Restorations
Molina/Watson can provide custom long-term temporaries for crown and bridgework, flipper partials for implant cases, and temporary dentures for removable and implant cases.

Custom Shade Evaluation
Take advantage of our ceramic expertise to achieve the best possible shade match. We custom map shades and store this information by case, patient and doctor in our Labstar database for future referencing.

Digital Photography
We also offer digital photographic services to facilitate shade matching and improve overall case design. All our computer monitors and printers are color calibrated to insure optimal shade matching results.

Implant Surgical Guides

  • Basic Surgical Guide – Hard Acrylic, Tooth Supported, Establishing ideal restorative tooth placement
  • Guided Surgery Surgical Guide – Hard Acrylic, Utilizing metal sleeves based upon approved implant placement plan. Can be fabricated for fully guided surgery or simple Pilot Drill Guide